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Valparaiso, Indiana Case Study

Since beginning the operation of the City of Valparaiso’s V-Line bus service, Ride Right has set new ridership records each month.

People are using the V-Line more. It’s become more of an everyday use for people, which is great!

Tyler Kent, Assistant City Planner, City of Valparaiso, Indiana

As part of the system, Ride Right provides additional service to Valparaiso University and runs feeder service to the Dune Park Rail Station, enabling transfer to the Northern Indiana Commuter Rail District train service. The City has also approached us about expanding routes to neighboring municipalities. The City recently installed Doublemap real-time bus tracking software in the transit operation which allows passengers to track buses’ exact locations, and is currently evaluating routes for expansion to keep up with explosive growth in ridership.

Valparaiso Service Highlights