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High-Quality Fleet Management

Flexible fleet management is a cornerstone of Ride Right’s operations. Our employees and passengers are our most valuable asset, and we are committed to ensuring their wellbeing through our comprehensive Safety Program. Built on a culture of safe behavior, our operations maintain an industry-leading safety record at all levels. Ride Right continually has one of the lowest Accident Frequency Rates (AFR) in the nation, and we have never been assessed Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) or Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) violations.

Company-wide, Ride Right has many measures in place to promote a safety-focused culture and provide excellent fleet management, including:

Fleet Management

Regular Vehicle Maintenance Ride Right conducts industry-standard Preventive Maintenance Inspections (PMIs) to ensure vehicles are routinely and stringently inspected for compliance with manufacturer and Department of Transportation standards. Depending on client needs we subcontract with local maintenance organizations or provide our own Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certified mechanics.

Regular Vehicle Maintenance

Pre-Trip Inspections In addition to PMI, drivers must complete pre-trip vehicle inspections prior to starting their trips. These inspections ensure all potential issues are documented and corrected immediately.

Fleet Management Companies

Ongoing Vehicle Cleaning To maintain a positive, attractive appearance in the communities we serve, Ride Right conducts rigorous vehicle cleaning schedules. This includes, at minimum, daily internal and weekly external cleanings of all vehicles.

Vehicle Fleet Services

Safety Audits and Inspections Through our auditing program, Ride Right ensures all vehicles and drivers adhere to our safety standards. Any deficiencies are documented in an action plan for correction, and follow-up actions are established to quickly correct any issues.

Best Fleet Management

Fuel Efficient Fleets In an effort to decrease our carbon footprint, we strive to provide fuel efficient fleets, and use only the most efficient vehicles, including hybrids, whenever possible. Additionally, we ensure functioning gas caps, proper tire pressure, and clean air filters to promote fuel economy.