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Passenger-Focused Operations

Passenger Satisfaction

Ride Right’s emphasis on treating each passenger with empathy, dignity, and respect has led to a satisfied ridership across our book of business. Our driver training program focuses on interaction with passengers, including sensitivity to their needs and medical conditions, confidentiality, politeness, and appropriate treatment. We investigate any reported deviance from this understood and expected conduct to ensure passenger satisfaction. To support our vision of every trip is important, our series of online video courses augment on-site training for each employee.These courses deal specifically with sensitivity issues, particularly relating to individuals with disabilities.

The quality of work is outstanding in relationship to customer service. We consistently receive positive feedback from our passengers. Our small community is a close knit one and the concerns about privatization were many. Ride Right staff managed a completely flawless transition with no service interruption. Staff is very supportive of county objectives and assists with rolling out new services.

Debbie Nelson, Transit Contract Manager, Sumter County Board of Commissioners, Florida

Safe Transportation

Our drivers always present a positive image for our clients through their behavior, as well as their appearance. This includes a strict, professional dress code inclusive of client-approved uniforms and ID badges. Our dress code also ensures passengers can be confident that the driver picking them up is a trusted Ride Right employee.