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Mobility Management
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Mobility Management

Leveraging our in-depth knowledge of the transportation industry, Ride Right is excited to offer an innovative approach to coordinated community transportation: mobility management. As ridership continues to increase, mobility management delivers a strategic method for unifying, managing, and coordinating a variety of transportation services, scheduling and dispatching functions, and customer service into one centralized program.

As a mobility manager, Ride Right collaborates with our clients to create a broad range of synchronized, viable transportation services. Focusing not on one service, but on a family of transportation services, Ride Right’s mobility management approach offers solutions for:

  • Centralized reservation, scheduling, and dispatching services
  • Travel training
  • A wide range of travel options and modes
  • Assigning passengers the most cost effective, appropriate mode of transportation
  • Holding all involved parties accountable to uniform service standards
  • Discovering and rectifying substandard performance
  • Planning for future program growth
  • Pursuing opportunities for grant funding
  • Performing education and outreach activities to explain the transportation system to stakeholders
  • Developing strategies for meeting the needs of individual populations
Travel Training

To achieve practical, actionable mobility plans, Ride Right looks at every resource to design solutions that match funding sources, passenger needs, and service availability. This consultative approach, which leverages the input of the transportation organizations we serve, as well as other local stakeholders, delivers a practical plan for unifying community transportation resources.

Benefits of the mobility management model include:

  • Enabling passengers to make better transportation decisions
  • Improving customer service
  • Better understanding of the system
  • Meeting individual passenger needs
  • Increasing system efficiency
  • Rooting out fraud and abuse
  • Maximizing productivity
  • Building confidence in the system
Community Transportation