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Nov 9, 2017

Liberty Dialysis Specialists Invited to Speak in Reno

Our team in Reno, Nevada working with the Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) of Washoe County recently hosted speakers from Liberty Dialysis to further employees’ sensitivity training. In the October 24th meeting, Safety Manager Paul Earnshaw started things off with an educational review on blood borne pathogens, including topics like universal precautions, bus clean-up and first aid kit contents, proper disposal of contaminated materials, personal protective equipment and more.

Then, Liberty Dialysis speakers Sophie Walker and Jeremy Lenz each spoke to separate employee groups about potential exposure risks they might incur when working with clients who have undergone medical procedures such as wound treatment or dialysis. Each explained what happens during a dialysis procedure and the different ways clients might feel after treatment. Some clients are exposed to physically exhaustive procedures; presenters compared treatment to running on a treadmill for the 3-4 hours that it normally lasts. Drivers were asked to exhibit as much patience as possible with riders through their exhaustion. Drivers interacted with Sophie and Jeremy, sharing their own stories and concerns.

Paul closed out the meeting with winter driving tips, reviewing procedures for driving with chains on bus tires. He let all in attendance know of our new Inclement Weather Action Plan for the upcoming winter season. The meeting was considered to be a great success thanks to strong engagement from both speaker and employee parties. We’re excited to be exposing Nevada employees to dynamic programming on important topics on a monthly basis under new General Manager Geo Jackson!