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Sep 2, 2017

Operations Live with Lane Transit District RideSource in Oregon

MTM and Ride Right have come together to operate their newest contract in Oregon. On September 1st, MTM took over contact center management and Ride Right paratransit fleet operation for Lane Transit District (LTD) RideSource. The affiliates will conduct all ADA and NEMT services in a service area that includes both Eugene and Springfield, Oregon. In total, over 70 new employees have been carefully recruited to serve members in these regions. The new team is full of excitement to support our growing member and passenger base.

The first day of service went smoothly with no issues. Staff will continue to monitor services closely during this transition period; MTM and Ride Right were chosen to lead this effort after LTD RideSource had contracted with another provider for thirty years. Employees are excited to revitalize the program through MTM and Ride Right; the atmosphere is very positive on-site at the RideSource Operations Center! CEO Alaina Macia too expressed excitement around expanding further into the state of Oregon: “I couldn’t be more excited that we continue to grow our company and our team on the West Coast.”

We’re grateful to all employees who have adopted our family culture and emphasis on safety so well. This was a true collaborative effort between MTM and Ride Right, and we can’t wait for our new members in Oregon to see just what that looks like!