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Hamilton County, Ohio Case Study

The Hamilton County Department of Jobs and Family Services faced severe budget cuts and looked to decrease operating costs without sacrificing quality or efficiency. Ride Right coordinates paratransit resources for general Medicaid, children’s, and pregnancy-related services. Ride Right’s staff of 100 drivers operate our dedicated fleet, and we broker the remaining trips to the subcontracted providers we oversee.

Thanks very much Pat. Your un-compromised competence has made my job easy.
Kevin Holt, Workforce Development Section Chief, Hamilton County, Ohio Job & Family Services

In addition to providing traditional non-emergency medical transportation, we transport 750 special needs children each day to Individualized Education Programs. To meet the needs of these children, we developed a customized training program in line with the State Department of Education requirements for certified van drivers transporting special needs students. Ride Right also worked with the County to reduce no-shows and cancellations by more than 10%.