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Jul 27, 2017

Ride Right Farmington’s Perfect FTA Audit

Ride Right staff operating Red Apple Transit in Farmington, New Mexico recently passed their Triennial Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Audit might we say, with flying colors. Zero findings, that is! Auditors said they, “Haven’t had another agency this year with 0 findings, or last year, or even the year before that.” They also made comments like, “All departments work well together,” “Really good program,” “Wished everywhere was like Farmington.”

Every three years, the FTA audits transit agencies for operational, maintenance, and safety compliance. Tom Gureufe, our Ride Right Director of Safety Administration, and Cynthia Olguin, General Manager in Farmington, New Mexico at Red Apple Transit, put regular, dedicated time into preparing compliance items that the FTA requires a transit agency that receives funding from the FTA to maintain. These leaders focus specifically on drug and alcohol compliance items, ADA compliance items, and the Title VI posting requirements for buses.

Cynthia was able to present all records related to both drug testing and training on each and every employee for auditors, all the way back to the inception of our contract with the Apple Bus Transit system on March 1, 2015. All items were displayed in an easy-to-read, highly structured format to ensure compliance could be identified. Documentation for all required programming the FTA requested to audit totaled to 79 different aspects of training, file management, and drug and alcohol pieces. Of those, we received 0 non-compliant issues or findings. The FTA representative working with us mentioned that this truly was the first he had conducted in a few years that had absolutely zero findings. Red Apple Transit was thrilled and later let us know they were congratulated by the mayor of Farmington for this achievement! We’re proud to be leaders in the transit industry for so many different aspects that help keep our passengers safe.