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Oct 3, 2017

Employee Recognition: Carolyn and Her Preschoolers

When our Ride Right leaders talk shop together weekly, employee engagement is always part of the conversation. Recognition of coworkers who are taking extra safety precautions or instilling continuous measures of comfort for passengers is a large part of our culture. We’d like to share what that looks like with you.   

Recently, when a corporate director traveled to our newest Lane Transit District (LTD) RideSource office, they couldn’t help but notice the extraordinary work of one of the drivers. Her name is Carolyn Renner. Carolyn picks up three and four year-olds at their homes and takes them to a special school for underprivileged children every day. She is constantly finding new ways to make sure the often-neglected children she transports are at ease while traveling. For example, Carolyn secures a “Forever Friend,” a stuffed animal travel buddy, in each car seat. Each sits waiting patiently to greet their passenger when they enter the vehicle and is often held tight all the way to school. Carolyn also keeps a crate with books for any reading rider who can entertain themselves with a book while on board, and decorates the bus with seasonal items to make each ride less sterile and more enjoyable. Carolyn has been driving a preschool bus of students to Pearl Buck Center in Eugene, Oregon with LTD RideSource for the last year. While some come aboard sad or afraid, her goal each day is to put a smile on their faces and hear them laugh.

General Manager of our Ride Right operations here, Chris Tovey, was able to share even more special initiatives Carolyn employs for her little riders: “She always has a “co-pilot” student, who sits with Tigger and plays navigator for the day. The co-pilot is tasked with decisions, to help them build confidence. Birthday banners are posted for each child’s birthday, and each is given a small gift and a special hat to wear for the day. Weekly stickers accompany regular music & singing.” Chris said, “Carolyn loves the opportunity to spoil her kids just to earn smiles and hugs from them.”

We’re proud to retain so many drivers who are equally as dedicated as Carolyn and do similar things for the children they work with. We applaud their efforts and commitment to others above and beyond their required duties. Our culture of recognition is integral to the success of our team- we’re glad to share it and further recognize an amazing employee!