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Paratransit Company Texas
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Austin, Texas Case Study

Through its MetroAccess system, the Capital Metro Transportation Authority (CMTA) provides ADA paratransit services to passengers in Austin. For CMTA, Ride Right creates routes, dispatches vehicles through a window dispatcher, and provides roughly 140,000 annual trips to passengers within the North Austin Corridor using our own fleet of 47 minivans. Ride Right is also responsible for vehicle maintenance, as well as hiring, training, and managing all staff. Additionally, we have introduced new technology into the system, including Trapeze Mobile/DriverMate with tablets and Seon continual surveillance cameras with wireless downloading capabilities in all vehicles, along with RTA and Transit Miner software for improved recordkeeping and reporting. We also installed a security system throughout the exterior of the facility to protect the revenue vehicles and deter vandalism. We are in the process of installing a 6,000-gallon fuel deliver system on-site to facilitate the fueling process and reduce deadhead.

Austin Service Highlights